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MADE FROM TAPIOCA: Nature Renew™ products contain up to 50% Tapioca Starch. We have our own crops, enabling us to follow sustainable practices to ensure the supply and quality of our raw material.

Based on rigorous studies, strict quality control and the most advanced technology, we have developed an innovative line of products derived from renewable natural resources that truly respect the environment, contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet and making us a viable solution to environmental problems thanks to the features of our products:

Go Green
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made from tapioca
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GMO FREE: Our tapioca is organic and grows on plantations which have not been genetically modified, using truly natural raw material without generating a negative impact on the environment.
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BIODEGRADABLE: Our products decompose under natural conditions within an average period of sixteen months, thanks to biological agents and other organisms that use the products as food.
THINK GREEN: Committed to helping to reduce global warming, we produce Nature Renew on highly efficient production lines, using the absolute minimum amount of resources and energy required.
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ECO FRIENDLY: Nature Renew™ is a brand that watches out for the sustainability of the environment. CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum during production. Also, our products manufactured with tapioca starch release only small amounts of carbon dioxide during biodegradation, compared to other materials.
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